Script and patch for downloading and building

O p e n I n v e n t o r ™

on Mac OS X 10.3

To run this script one need to have gcc 3.3 and fink 0.7.0 installed together with the packages openmotif3, libjpeg, freetype2 and freetype2-dev

The script runs these commands: (download tar below, including patch file)

curl -P - -O
tar xfz inventor-2.1.5-10.src.tar.gz
patch -p 0 < ivpatch
setenv DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH `pwd`/inventor/lib:`pwd`/inventor/libSoXt
cd inventor
cd apps/examples

Which does:
  • downloads the source from SGI, NOTE! the sources will be extracted in <current directory>/inventor
  • applies the patch file ivpatch
  • sets the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH enviroment variable (temporary for the build)
  • builds the libraries
  • builds the examples
After the build is done the libs are available in inventor/lib and inventor/libSoXt where the include files also are. Please look into the inventor/apps/examples directory for hints about compilation.

To run any example, remember to set the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH

   setenv DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH <install dir>/inventor/lib:<install dir>/inventor/libSoXt
A simple example with a spinning cone is

Download ivscript.tar